Why SMI? It’s Gospel-centered, Christ-focused, Hermans say

Mike Miller  ·  Oct 01, 2015

Why SMI-

Justin Herman learned about Samaritan Ministries through one of the Herman Brothers Lake and Land Management office administrators. He and his wife, Katie, were glad to find a Gospel-centered, Body of Christ-focused approach to health care. His brother, Chad, and his family are also members.

When Justin and Katie had their first need, the birth of their daughter, Scarlett, they found it was less expensive than the birth of their son, Crosby, who was born when they had insurance. Still, they were nervous at first, not sure exactly how things would work.

“Katie started doing a lot of research,” Justin says, “and working with the staff there and asking tons of questions. She’s a very organized person, so she got it all laid out for what we needed to do. So she’s calling all the people, doing the prepay stuff, getting as many discounts as she can. We ended up paying up front, which in itself was a little bit of a burden. You have to come up with some money.”

While the process was different, “because you have to save for things and put stuff away, so there’s responsibility with it,” Justin says, “we are enjoying it a lot because of that.”

Additionally, it was a blessing “to see the checks starting to come in,” he says, “and each one had a card with it, or sometimes it’d come with gifts. It was really personal. It just felt like it was the right way to do things, like the way it was supposed to work. It was a cool experience to see God working.”

They also were moved to see the Body of Christ in action. “It makes you think about probably how it was back in the early church,” says Justin. “You rely on your church family. When you have a need or when somebody’s sick, they’ll go farm your land for you, and take care of your cattle. It was cool to have that community aspect again.”

Through Samaritan, Justin has been able to share the unique ministry with others, and has even found “you get really good deals, too.”

“You learn to lean on God,” says Justin, “and you know He’s faithful in everything, no matter what happens. When you give Him even this aspect of your life, too, it’s cool.”