Why SMI? ‘It was like an answer to prayer’

Mike Miller  ·  Jul 01, 2016

Why SMI-

Andrea was an uninsured, cash-pay patient for about 17 years. Though she was healthy, she felt the Lord leading her to look into different options for health care.

“When I looked at insurance, I wasn’t comfortable with it. The Affordable Care Act was in discussion at the time and when I found Samaritan Ministries, it was like an answer to prayer. I knew Samaritan Ministries met what the Lord wanted me to do without compromising my Christian values, and so I joined.”

While she’s only had to submit a few needs, she has been blessed by the SMI members who sent their cards and shares to her.

 “I love sending a check to somebody in need,” she says. “At the same time, I absolutely appreciate and am grateful for the care people have shown me for my needs.”

She has also been able to share another blessing with others by using her photography skills in her travels worldwide.

“The Lord has allowed me to take photos to bring the countries back to people who may never go there, and I put those photos on greeting cards,” she says. “So, when I write a letter to somebody, sometimes I use my own personal greeting cards and write a note to them to encourage and include a Scripture verse.

“No one wants to go through health problems,” Andrea says. “It’s often scary and can be discouraging.

“That’s where we have to trust the Lord,” she says, “and that’s why these notes of encouragement are so important. It takes time to write those notes, but it’s worth it.”