Why SMI? It has kept the Caudles 'on the field' of ministry

By Kathryn NIelson  ·  Mar 24, 2021

‘Health insurance would have sunk us’

“If it wasn’t for Samaritan, we wouldn’t be here on the field,” say Samaritan members Bob and Stephanie Caudle. The Caudles serve military servicemen and women in Eagle Ridge, Alaska, through Cadence International. They switched over to Samaritan Ministries at the beginning of 2015 once government restrictions allowed them to do so.

As a family of five, the Caudles were paying $1,700 a month for a $5,000 deductible and 80/20 coverage. There were also caps on certain procedures. This became stressful while raising support, because health expenses were such a large a part of that.

“To go from that to around $500 a month was significant,” Stephanie says. “That was a huge help for us.”

In August 2015, Bob went into cardiac arrest.

“Had we been with the health insurance that we were on, it would have sunk us because it was so bad, and we probably would have had to go home,” Stephanie says. “Because of how Samaritan has worked, I think your ministry and involvement with us has been able to keep us on the field.”

Samaritan is tied to Christian community.

They chose Samaritan because it was less expensive and “tied to Christian community.”

“I thought it was valid reason to depend on each other,” Bob says. “I liked that idea of sending a check to somebody else and not the insurance company.”

Notes are a blessing.

“It’s been good for us,” says Stephanie. “We still have to pick up our office visits but it still doesn’t equal $1,700 a month.”

They’ve also had to figure out things like medications, “but for us overall, it’s been a really good experience.”

“It’s a blessing to read through the notes,” Bob says. “It’s been just beautiful, the encouragement and the prayers of people for our health over and over and over again.” 

Kathryn Nielson is a Communications Specialist with Samaritan Ministries.