Why SMI? How well it works

Mike Miller  ·  Oct 01, 2016

Why SMI-


Independent organic farmers Scott and Colleen Anderson were immediately drawn by the concept of health care sharing and how Samaritan Ministries functions. Having been a member for nearly two years, Colleen says her “favorite part of the ministry is that I can prayerfully care for others.” But she’s also aware of a personal benefit. “We have extra money in the bank now,” Colleen adds chuckling, “because we aren’t paying a high premium coupled with high deductibles we never even met.”

Joyce Kaping did careful research before deciding to join the Samaritan family. She imagined the “what ifs” of the worst-case scenarios her mind could create, then questioned several members about what Samaritan Ministries would do. After everyone she asked assured her that Samaritan is “a great ministry,” Joyce chose to become a member. “It was a leap of faith, but one I needed and desired to take. I am excited and happy to belong to the Samaritan family.”