Why SMI? Health insurance was hopeless

Mike Miller  ·  Aug 01, 2015

Why SMI-

For the first several years after the original five members of This Hope stepped into full-time ministry and moved from Alaska to Atlanta, they bought health insurance for their growing families.

But it was always a financial struggle.

“Being a small nonprofit, we’ve had challenges with health care and other costs,” says Mikah Boudreaux. “Our health care costs were increasing so exponentially, it was making it impractical for us to continue to do that.”

They started searching for a different way to take care of health care. One member had had experience with health care sharing while they lived in Alaska, so they explored that possibility.

“We considered different choices,” Mikah says. “We just felt like Samaritan was a great choice for us. We like the grassroots aspect of it, the personal connections and the prayers. Just the way it was set up seemed like a great fit for our ministry.”

So each member of the group—Mikah, Dave Inabnit, Tim Inabnit, Daniel Johnston, and Jeane Bope— joined Samaritan in 2011. A new member, L.J. Rysdyk, who runs sound and performs spoken word and rap, hasn’t joined. Yet. (No pressure, L.J.)

“From our perspective, it’s just a great example of the Body of Christ serving each other,” Mikah says.

He referenced Galatians 6, which contains Samaritan’s signature verse—“Bear ye one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.”

“It talks about the fact that each of us is to carry his own load, but before that, it says we are to bear one another’s burdens. Samaritan is a great picture of that. Each of us does have a load to carry and we should do that, but there are burdens that come up that are meant to be shared among everyone. So that’s been a great thing to see and be a part of.”

Mikah and his wife, Kynda, have also enjoyed the process of health care sharing.

“We’ve had several needs that have been processed through Samaritan,” he says. “One for my family was the birth of Hudson in 2013. Hudson had another medical issue that was addressed in the first year of his life. For my family, those were processed so smoothly. It’s interesting to go through the process of communicating with hospitals and doctors. It’s been surprising to see how flexible they are with pricing and different aspects of the administration when you describe what Samaritan is and how it functions. It’s been a very positive experience in my family.”