Why SMI? Evans family feels Samaritan is 'most in line with us'

Michael Miller  ·  Jul 24, 2020

As Family Radio dropped below 100 employees, the Christian radio network could no longer offer group health insurance.

“That forced us to look for other options,” says Tom Evans, CEO at the Franklin, Tennessee-based ministry.

His wife, Christina, “being the type of person she is,” did due diligence on health care sharing and landed on Samaritan Ministries, according to Tom.

“She felt it was most in line with us,” he says. “She has always remained impressed with your newsletters, how much Samaritan members care, and how amazingly God provides.”

Christina says that she loves “that the Lord is using my Share to help someone else in need.”

“I feel like I am part of His plan in helping and loving the Body of Christ,” she says.

Christina sadly had a miscarriage around the time the Evanses joined Samaritan, making it pre-existing. But members stepped up through donations to the Member Assistance Fund and sent almost enough to pay for expenses.

“That kind of sold us on the whole concept of the Body sharing one another’s burdens, which is one of the most gratifying things,” Tom says.

Then, when Christina became pregnant again, it was the Evanses’ first opportunity to see the Need process in action.

“Being new to Samaritan, I was a little concerned how it would work, but we were certainly blessed when Samaritan shared my pregnancy all the way through,” Christina says.

She also says she appreciates the newsletter.

“It is full of wonderful stories, current events and analytics,” she says. “It is always interesting to me to see how God has provided for all the Needs of members.”

The Evanses’ Samaritan membership has led to other connections, as well.

When the family of Bob Starnes, co-founder of Brentwood Studios and the subject of the June Member Spotlight, was assigned a Share for one of the Evanses’ Needs, Sara Starnes biked from their home in Franklin to the Evans home.

“She was so gracious,” Tom says. “We talked to her on our porch for at least an hour. That led to my talking to Bob, and we interviewed him for one of our ‘Family Connection’ programs.”

Christina agrees.

“It was great learning an SMI member lived in my neighborhood,” she says. “That was splendid.”

Family Radio also runs Samaritan’s Family Health Checkup spot, a one-minute informational radio program featuring SMI’s Doug Chamberlain.

“When we first started with Samaritan, I thought it would be great if you guys started a short medical informational spot, and lo and behold you guys were doing that!” Tom says. “We wanted to inform our listeners and help them find resources that would be a benefit to them. That program is a perfect complement to our programming.”