Why SMI? Consistent, compassionate health care

By Michael Miller  ·  Dec 21, 2023

Member spotlight: Matt Larson, The Morning Center

Matt Larson had gone without health care most of his life.

“I’ve been in ministry and have been a musician,” said Matt, national director of the Morning Center. “It’s that whole starving artist thing.”

Samaritan Ministries, though, has provided Matt, his wife, Kara, and their family with a more consistent and compassionate way of meeting their health care needs.

“The Church is supposed to be the compassion engine of the world,” Matt said. “I think one of the biggest mistakes the Church ever made was not running hospitals anymore and becoming businesses as opposed to ministries.”

Recalling one of Samaritan’s earliest messaging concepts, Matt likened health care sharing to building an Amish barn.

“There’s a lot of joy knowing you helped somebody else finish their barn,” he said. “Health care sharing is the Church carrying one another’s burdens. It’s been a blessing to us.”

Their Need experience “has gone great,” Matt reports. Despite the extra paperwork that members of health care sharing ministries take on as they submit Needs, “there’s the peace of it, too, knowing people have prayed for you.”

“I like it, too, because it’s reimagining health care,” he said. “It puts you in a position to be thinking about the things you’re doing. That’s a good thing.”

Michael Miller is editor of the Samaritan Ministries newsletter.