Why SMI? Brandon Maxwell's family loves to give, receive

Michael Miller  ·  Feb 21, 2020

Brandon and Laura Maxwell are grateful for both giving and receiving Samaritan Ministries Shares.

“What I really like about it is when you are getting checks from people and get a lot of notes. It’s more personal. There’s more of a community element,” says Brandon, Whetstone Boys Ranch director of development.

“On the flip side of sending our Share each month, I love being able to cut a check personally to somebody and have the opportunity to give back and send them a note as well. The personal element of that is obviously so much different than insurance.”

He joined Samaritan in 2016 thanks to a health care stipend from Whetstone.

“We looked at group insurance, and it just was not going to be anywhere feasible for us,” Brandon says. “The board decided that probably the best way to still offer the benefit to the employees is to have a stipend for health care. I would say about half of us here have gone with Samaritan because, to be honest, it’s the most affordable route to go.”

The Maxwells appreciate that Samaritan shares expenses for homebirths.

“That was one thing that was really beneficial for us, because health insurance doesn’t cover that,” Brandon says.