Why SMI? Bob Douglas was intrigued by direct sharing

Michael Miller  ·  Mar 28, 2018

Samaritan’s newest Board member, Bob Douglas, is another pastor who found out about Samaritan Ministries from church members.

As executive pastor of Grace Bible Fellowship in the Silicon Valley area of California, Bob had to submit a Church Leader Verification form for a Samaritan member in his church. 

“I’m looking at it, and it was intriguing what SMI was doing,” Bob says. “I filled it out and handed it back to them and told them I’d like to know more about it sometime. They explained everything to me.”

At the time, Bob was buying his own health insurance because his church was too small for a group plan. Instead, Grace Bible Fellowship would provide an amount to its employees with which to buy insurance. After his encounter with the church member, Bob researched health care sharing ministries, and determined that Samaritan “was a much better choice.”

“At the time, there was just a handful of us in our church that were using it, and now our whole pastoral staff is a part of it,” Bob says.

He calls Samaritan’s process “true sharing” because members send Shares directly to someone else.

“The other ministry looked like insurance,” he says. “Everything seemed more straightforward with Samaritan.”