Why SMI? Affordability, medical freedom

Mike Miller  ·  Sep 01, 2016

Why SMI-

Although the thought of joining Samaritan Ministries appealed to Hal and Melanie Young, they didn’t think it was wise to change from their conventional insurance plan because of Hal’s pre-existing cancer condition. But in 2014, when the premiums for their self-employed insurance became unaffordable, they knew it was time.

Several months after becoming part of the Samaritan family, Melanie contracted a disease. She has spent many of their engagements “speaking all day and crying all night.” During this time, Samaritan has been a “huge, huge blessing and encouragement” through members’ notes and prayers.

The freedom Samaritan gives to members in choosing their own doctors has been a help. “I found an expert, and I knew Samaritan would share it. I didn’t have to worry,” Melanie says. “With insurance you call, and the immediate response is suspicion. With Samaritan you call, and the immediate response is concern. They want to pray with you. They want to help you. It’s such a blessing.”

Being assured that their money is not funding “sex-change operations, abortifacient treatments, and other pernicious stuff” is a Samaritan distinctive the Youngs highly value.

“We think Samaritan is the perfect option for Christians in the world that we find ourselves in right now. It allows us to take it out of the government’s purview and handle it as the Church, which is the way it was meant to be, letting the Church be the Body of Christ for one another.”