Why SMI? A friend put it in the Speeds’ hands

Mike Miller  ·  Dec 01, 2015

Why SMI-

For years, Paul and Jenny Speed of Whatever It Takes Ministries struggled without health insurance. Then, while speaking at a women’s conference, Jenny’s jaw was aching so badly that her friend Brenda noticed. Jenny admitted there wasn’t money for her to get checked out. Brenda, a Samaritan member for years, advised Jenny to “really, really pray” about joining Samaritan Ministries, because her family “just loved it.” Jenny shrugged it off. “People say things like that all the time,” she thought, nodding her head politely. A few days later a packet came from Brenda with information about Samaritan, including an application form. Jenny says, “Others had told us about it for years, but Brenda put it in our hands and said this is what you need.”

In 2014, their son Josiah broke his femur while wakeboarding, which ended in surgery and three days in a hospital. Paul recounts that “our negotiated amount—tens of thousands of dollars—was paid down to the penny. That was amazing!”

Paul no longer worries what they will do if something happens. He also values being able to talk with a real person when he calls Samaritan Ministries. “Every time I call, I get somebody who is able to walk me through what I need to do, even coaching me in how to negotiate bills.”

An added blessing is that three of the couples serving as team leaders for WIT Ministries are also Samaritan Ministries members. Paul says that having Samaritan for health care “puts us at rest about so many things. It’s one of the wisest decisions we’ve ever made.”