Vacation with purpose: God-honoring creation museums across the nation (and more to come)

Mike Miller  ·  Aug 01, 2015

creation vacation

By Brian and Carla Estell

Whether it’s dino digs, fossil beds, creation museums, canyons, or petrified forests, America is full of God’s handiwork just waiting to be explored. Our family has been so blessed to be able to travel coast to coast, presenting creation seminars for churches, Christian schools, camps, home school groups, etc. All along the way we’ve been able to explore God’s amazing creation. Here are some of the treasures that we’ve discovered.

Our first article in April 2014 focused on the geological features formed at Mount St. Helens. I am happy to report that in August 2014 we were able to return to the mount. Although we only had 2½ days, we were able to explore all three sides of the volcano, update our displays, and put together a new PowerPoint presentation. While there I was constantly reminded of our first trip to the mount in 1992. Unbeknownst to us that trip would lay the ground work for the creation ministry we have today. During that 40-day camping tour across America, we visited many geologically significant areas and national parks. They all had one thing in common: a steady indoctrination in evolution. Whether it was a nature center or a roadside sign, evolution was woven throughout the interpretive information. Even the museum at Mount St. Helens ignored the evidence for catastrophic geology and focused on evolution. But, scattered across America, the number of God-honoring museums is on the rise. Christians are beginning to take science back and once again show how the heavens declare the glory of God. I’m sure there are many we have yet to discover, but here are the ones we have had the privilege of visiting and highly recommend.

Mount St. Helens Creation CenterSilverlake, Washington

On Highway 504, the gateway to Mount St. Helens, is the Mount St. Helens Creation Center, founded by Lloyd and Doris Anderson in 1998 as the Seven Wonders Museum. We were thrilled to discover their museum and have enjoyed spending time with the Andersons over the years. Today the work continues under the directorship of Paul Taylor.

The Creation Museum, Cincinnati, Ohio

The tip of Kentucky just across the Ohio River from Cincinnati Ohio is home to The Creation Museum. It is a one-to-two day stop complete with gardens, petting zoo, and state of the art “EPCOT like” museum. Begun by Ken Ham, co-founder of Answers in Genesis (AIG), it attracts visitors from all across the country.

Forty minutes south of The Creation Museum construction is in progress at the Ark Encounter on a full-size replica of Noah’s Ark that will house another museum.

Creation and Earth History Museum, Santee, California

In Santee, California, there is a wonderful creation museum originally founded by Dr. Henry Morris of the Institute for Creation Research. The scientifically based, Scripturally sound Creation and Earth History Museum is free to the public. It is located in southern California just east of San Diego, so if you are headed to the zoo, make plans to stop by the museum, too. And while you are there please tell the director, Jason Payne, that the Estell family said hello.

The Creation Store, Pensacola, Florida

On the other side of the country there is a small museum and bookstore in Pensacola, Florida. The Creation Store is part of Creation Today, the ministry founded by Eric Hovind. Eric teams up with Paul Taylor from the Mount St. Helens Creation Center to produce the Creation Today Show. During the summer the museum has free activities for kids on Friday afternoons, using experiments, crafts, and activities to walk them through the Seven C’s of History.

Creation Adventures MuseumArcadia, Florida

In southern Florida in the small town of Arcadia, Dr. Gary Parker and his wife, Mary, have turned their home into a creation museum. They offer fossil camps and fossil float trips down the Peace River. It is a learning experience for the whole family.

Creation Discovery MuseumFort Lauderdale, Florida

Further south and east there is the Creation Discovery Museum in Fort Lauderdale. We have not made it to that one yet, but hope to go there in February 2016. Creation Discovery Museum was founded by Tom DeRosa and Dr. D. James Kennedy.

Glendive Dinosaur and Fossil MuseumGlendive, Montana

In eastern Montana right off Interstate 94 in the border town of Glendive, there is the Glendive Dinosaur and Fossil Museum. Begun by Otis Kline, it has the appearance of a state-funded, state-of-the-art earth history museum and is well worth the small entrance fee. As you start reading the signs and talking to the volunteer guides you will soon know it is teaching the truth of creation. Focusing on dinosaurs, they offer day-trip fossil digs into the badland hills of Montana.

Grand River MuseumLemmon, South Dakota

Just two hours southeast of Glendive in the small town of Lemmon, South Dakota, there is a jewel of a city park, all constructed of petrified wood, and the Grand River Museum which features dinosaur fossils from the area all interpreted from a creation/flood perspective. Sometimes there are week-long fossil camps and dinosaur digs.

For even more, go to

These are just a few of the places our family has visited. Others can be found at, and there need to be many more. Even a small nature center or creation room can be used by God to open the eyes of the blind and point people to the Creator and Savior, Jesus Christ. Our family would love to come and spend a week or two painting murals, making dioramas, and displaying fossils. As we have traveled our fossil collection has grown, coupled with the artistic abilities with which God has blessed our family, we are ready to help establish creation centers across America.

It is important to arm yourself and your family with the facts, and what better way to do so than to enjoy a day learning together at a God-centered museum. The God of the Bible is real. Not only the heavens, but all of nature declares His glory.

If you cannot travel to a museum, you can attend lectures, watch DVDs and read books to strengthen the faith of your family. Organizations like Creation Ministries International, Answers in Genesis, Institute for Creation Research, Creation Today, and many others offer an abundance of resources that clearly show God’s creative power in nature.