Tom Fodi's 'balance' is Erin Fodi

Michael Miller  ·  Feb 01, 2017

Tom’s Fodi's ministry has moved him from the U.S. Air Force to a home care business to, now, his role as a hospice chaplain, lead pastor at a church, and a city councilman. Erin, his “amazing wife,” has been a helpful guide.

“If I didn’t have her, I think I would be striking out more times than not,” Tom says. “I find something I’m passionate about, and she’s the one to kind of help me sharpen my aim. She balances me out really well. She brings a sense of realism: ‘How can we be effective on this?’”

For instance, when Tom’s home life began suffering as a result of running Dignity Home Care, a business he started, she pointed out that “This isn’t going to work, you’re not seeing your kids grow up. This may not be your skill set.”

“She helped me realize that and encouraged me to take a step of faith,” Tom says. “I wouldn’t be doing the hospice chaplaincy if it wasn’t for her encouragement to consider alternatives.”

Erin gives Tom counsel while also being an “amazing mom and amazing with kids.”

“Her educational background is in children’s ministry,” Tom says. “She uses that part time as a preschool teacher, but also in raising our kids and leading the children’s ministry at our church. She does that organically.”

“We’ve been together since 2004,” Tom says. “Every year is like a new gift.”b