The trans medical experiment scandal

from the Kelsey Coalition  ·  May 21, 2019

History is replete with medical scandals. Frontal lobotomies to treat mental illness. Forced sterilization to control “undesirable” populations. The infamous Tuskegee Experiment. Indefensible, unethical medical procedures were performed for years. Why did it take so long to stop them? 

History is repeating itself.

There is a growing epidemic of young people who believe they were born in the wrong body. Recent US surveys reveal that 2-3% of high school and middle school students now identify as transgender. 

These young people are often prescribed risky hormonal treatments. Puberty-blocking drugs are routinely given to pre-pubescent children. Girls as young as 12 are injected with testosterone, while teen boys are treated with feminizing hormones.

Not a single long-term study supports such risky medical interventions. These hormonal treatments on children are experimental. The medical literature on the health effects of hormonal interventions “in the pediatric/adolescent population is completely lacking.” The drugs used are based on low-quality evidence, or no evidence at all.

Minor children may be treated surgically. Girls may have their breasts removed at age 13 and their uterus at 16.  Teen boys may have their penis and testes removed shortly after their 16th birthday.

No one knows the full extent of the medical or psychological impact of these life-altering surgeries. The only long-term follow-up study found substantially higher rates of overall mortality, suicide, suicide attempts, and psychiatric hospitalizations among adults who surgically transitioned. We simply don't know the future outcomes for children.

There is no test or scientific proof for a “gender identity. A child’s “gender identity” is based on feelings that are impossible to prove and subject to change.

What explains the rapid increase in “transgender identities” among children? Has society simply become more accepting, or is something else going on? Research points to many underlying factorsmental health issuesautismADHD, trauma, and sexual confusion. Evidence shows this is fueled by peer and media influences and spread by social contagion, in real life and online.

The medical harms are serious. Hormonal treatments impact bone healthfertility, sexual function, cardiovascular health, and brain development. The health consequences may be irreversible. The full extent of the harms to young developing brains and bodies are unknown.

Parental consent is not informed, but coerced. Parents are told that these treatments are well-studied, safe, and necessary. They are warned that if they do not consent to medical treatment, their child will be at higher risk of suicide. But there is no evidence to support this claim. In Oregon, parental consent is irrelevant: the law allows 15-year olds to receive state-subsidized hormonal treatments and surgeries without parental knowledge.

Feelings and identities change. No one can predict who might regret these medical interventions that compromise health, fertility, and sexual function. But many people already do. And their stories of regret are painful to read (see below).

Why are children’s unprovable identities quickly medicalized on the basis of feelings that are likely to change with maturity?

Why are serious medical interventions performed on children without a single long-term study to support them?

How can young people meaningfully consent to medical interventions that impact their future health, sexual function, and fertility?

Why is this medical protocol endorsed by medical associations, such as the American Academy of Pediatrics?

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Dr. Frances Kelsey was a Canadian-American pharmacologist who served as a reviewer for the FDA in the 1960s. She refused to authorize thalidomide for market because of safety concerns and received the President’s Award for Distinguished Federal Civilian Service from President John F. Kennedy.

Comments from the "detrans" reddit

Below is a sampling of comments from an online community supporting individuals considering reversing their transgender medical intervention.

I am feeling desperate and need support. I have been pursuing FtM medical transition ... I had top surgery ... and as soon as the bandages were off for the first time I knew it was the wrong choice. I have been in shock. ... I realized that medical transition was the wrong path for me. I have been on testosterone for two years. I decided to stop and I have realized that I don’t want this. ... I feel devastated. I didn’t have very much support at all in making these decisions. I live somewhere where there is easy access to hormone therapy and surgery ... I keep fantasizing about not having gone through with it. I have been researching detransition related treatments obsessively. I feel like I can’t talk to anyone about this because people are telling me I’m so brave and they’re proud of me. I feel ashamed. Deep deep shame ... I feel like I can’t get support from trans groups with this. ... I have been having some thoughts of suicide, but I’m staying safe.

*   *   *   *   *   *

I’m 21. When I was 16 I came out as a butch lesbian, then I came out as ‘transmasculine’ a few months later and have been living as a trans man ever since.
I’ve done a lot of growing up since I was 16 ... Now suddenly I’m starting to think I was rushed into trans identity as a liberal teenager .. I just don’t think transitioning is the right solution for me anymore.

RESPONSE 1 ... as a detrans woman I could’ve written this. I had very much the same experience. It took until my late teens/early 20s to finally figure out ... that internet culture and my own mental illness and insecurity steeped into an identity that had nothing to do with who I really was ...

RESPONSE 2 ... I can relate to most of your thoughts and experiences about childhood and guess what? I am detransitioning after 6 years and 9 months on T, regretting that I did a medical transition since it carries a number of permanent changes. ... Save yourself from what people like me are going through. It’s hell!

*   *   *   *   *   *

I am a former MtF person who is detransitioning after 15 years of Hormone Replacement Therapy and 13 years after Sex Reassignment Surgery. ... I’m on my way to restore what’s left of my birth gender. ... I am planning on having top surgery to remove the breast implants and to take away the breast tissue ... The third possible step will be gender reassignment reversal surgery ... Transitioning didn’t solve my life long gender dysphoria I was dealing with. Cognitive Behavior Therapy did a better job for me.

*   *   *   *   *   *

... The pro trans movement in main stream media and politics has always been sooo interesting to me. It’s like they are doing a social experiment right under our noses and laughing about it at our expense. I can’t even imagine the countless number of people who are literally brainwashed into thinking transitioning will fix all their problems without addressing the hard, underlying issues. ...