The Doorpost: Make the wise turn

Ray King  ·  Sep 01, 2016

Whoever is simple, let him turn in here!
Proverbs 9:4a,16a

Proverbs 9 describes the appeals of Wisdom and Folly, personified as two women. Both women offer an invitation to a dinner, and ironically, they start out with exactly the same words: “Whoever is simple, let him turn in here!”

Those who turn to Wisdom’s invitation receive the good things that result from wise living—the way of life. Those who are lured in by Folly’s invitation think they are taking a quicker, easier, more enjoyable way that no one will find out about. But ultimately they find that turning there does not end well.

When making decisions in life, “turn in” to Wisdom. Folly may claim that something better can be gained by taking what isn’t rightfully ours and that no one will ever know, but “turning in” there is deadly.

Whenever you are offered any invitations, be sure to “turn in” only to the ones from Wisdom.