The Doorpost: If we're in sin, we're not walking with God

Ray King  ·  Jun 28, 2017

If we say we are living in fellowship with God while living in ways that are not obedient to Him, we are lying. Our words may fool others, and possibly even ourselves, but we are not practicing the truth.

We may not have made a long-term decision to walk in darkness. Instead we may do (or not do) something “just this once.” Later we repeat it, “Just once more.” Then again, and again. Eventually we may find ourselves comfortable with a habit and used to being out of fellowship with God. Even if no one else knows, we will not have fellowship with God.

This passage does not mean that we never sin. The verses that follow make this clear. When we sin, we can confess our sin, and the blood of Jesus cleanses us so we are living in the light, in fellowship with Him. But if we continue practicing our sin, walking in the darkness while claiming to have fellowship with Him, we are lying and not practicing the truth.

For the Kingdom,

Ray King