The Doorpost: Don't be distracted

Ray King  ·  Feb 27, 2018

But Martha was distracted with much serving ...
Luke 10:40a

It is possible to be so busy doing things we think are important—even serving Jesus—that we are distracted from the one thing that is necessary.

In Matthew 13 in the parable of the sower, Jesus said that the worries of this age and the deceitfulness of wealth can choke God’s Word, preventing it from producing fruit in our lives (verse 22).

In the passage above, Jesus did not rebuke or criticize Martha. He did not say that her service to Him was bad. He simply said that Mary’s hunger to learn from Him had caused her to choose what was the most important.

We must work. In fact, we cannot obey God’s Word if we don’t do what He tells us to do. But if we are so busy with the affairs of life—even ministry—that we are distracted from Jesus’ Word, we are crowding out the one thing that Jesus said is necessary.