The Doorpost: Be full of His joy

Ray King  ·  May 31, 2017

Jesus wants us to be full of His joy. That means we can be sure that anything He tells us will be for our good, even if it appears that something else would be better.

The first sin in history happened when our first ancestors believed the lie that they would be happier if they disobeyed what God told them to do. Ever since then, seeking joy by disobeying God has been the default setting from birth of every one of us—their descendants. Jesus died on the cross to pay the penalty we deserve to pay for not trusting Him.

Every day, we still face having to make choices about whether to believe what God has told us or to rely on our own wisdom and strength. Jesus spoke His words to us because He loves us and wants us to have in us the joy that only He can give. We need to believe that whatever He says is true and good, and obey Him, no matter what anyone else may say.

Jesus wants us to be full of His joy. His words show us the way.