The Doorpost: Ask for boldness

Mike Miller  ·  Jul 01, 2015

Acts 4-29 july 2015 doorpost

From the beginning of the Church, unbelievers have tried to silence the followers of Jesus Christ. They did the same to Jesus. In fact, God’s people have faced this kind of opposition for much of the history of the world.

How did the early believers respond when told not to speak the truth? They prayed.

What did they pray? Did they ask for an easier life? Did they ask for relief from hardship or suffering? Did they ask for protection from their enemies? No. They asked for boldness to speak the truth.

Today, unbelievers still oppose God’s truth, and they attempt to silence those who follow Jesus Christ and believe the truth of His Word. What are we asking God to give us?

For the Kingdom,

Ray King