Taggarts' coffee company supports several ministries

Michael Miller  ·  Apr 24, 2020

Jim Taggart and his wife, Kelli, are putting Jim’s experience with startups to good use through a company that sells coffee as a way to support  ministries and missionaries with whom they have personal relationships.

After seeing a ministry they supported lose a source of funding by exporting coffee beans from Guatemala, the Taggarts saw a need and opportunity.

Gaderian Coffee was born.

Gaderian supports Engadi Ministries, which serves boys in the slums of Guatemala City; Agape International Ministries, which helps survivors of trafficking in Cambodia (transitioning to Belize in the near future); Living Hope Ministries, a pregnancy resource center where Jim serves as a board member; a family serving with Wycliffe Ministries; and International Leadership Ministries’ effort to develop women leaders.

The name for the Taggarts’ company, which sold its first bag of coffee in July 2019, was carefully chosen.

“‘Gaderian’ is an old English word meaning ‘to gather,’” says Jim, a newly elected member to the Samaritan Ministries Board of Directors. “Our tagline is ‘Gather, share, savor.’ Each word has a meaning both for coffee as well as people. You gather coffee, gather a friend; share coffee, share stories; savor the coffee, savor the friendship.”

Gaderian sells whole beans, grounds, and single-serve pods. It’s not a unique business, but that’s where Jim’s experience helping startups comes in handy.

“You have to be able to plow through setbacks when you’re flying solo,” he says. “Probably the biggest necessary ingredient is a stomach to know that 90 percent of startups fail.”

Another ingredient is the willingness to fly solo, “so if you’re not self-motivated, if you’re not willing to take ‘no’ at some doors that you knock on, if you get deflated and discouraged easily—those aren’t good attributes for a successful startup.”

One of Gaderian’s main challenges is standing out in a very crowded business, “knowing that you’re not the only game in town and why you’re different, what your competitive differentiator is, why somebody would come to you instead of somebody else.”

“Our competitive differentiators are twofold,” Jim says. “Number one, this is coffee with a purpose. The second is having a great product. We exclusively sell specialty grade coffee. Only about 3 percent of all coffees in the world make that grade. What you get from popular chain coffee shops and grocery stores is the middle of the road out of the five grades of coffee, commercial grade. Specialty is the top grade.”t