Spend time in front of screens? Better take lutein

Bill Sardi  ·  Jan 25, 2018

Enslaved by vocation or addicted by choice to hours in front of a computer monitor? You had better down a lutein pill every day.

A recently published report cites the fact that about 35 percent of people born 1965-1996 and now living in developed countries spend at least nine hours a day in front of digital devices. Such intense use of digital devices has been found to have undesirable effects on sleep quality, alertness during waking hours and also fatigue, headaches, muscular, skeletal and visual strain.

When an eye doctor takes an ophthalmoscope in his hand and holds it close to your eyes to examine your retina, he/she can see yellow in the visual center of your eyes—called the macula. Some people have very little of this protective yellow pigment. It is derived from the diet. There is such a small amount in foods (spinach and lutein-fortified eggs provide the most), and there is so much at stake if you don’t have enough of this pigment (loss of central vision for reading, driving, recognizing faces), you don’t want to leave this to chance.

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