Samaritan on member’s ‘good list’

By Mike Miller

Nov 14

A Samaritan Ministries member named Becky who blogs at … Because He Said So included SMI on her “good list” for November 14.

 9. Samaritan Ministries. A couple years ago we switched to this program when we realized we could no longer afford our health insurance. As one who has never *not* had insurance, I admit this made me a little nervous. But we had to use it for the first time recently to help with the expenses following Jared’s visit to the ER with a kidney stone, and it has been so fun to receive cards and prayers in the mail along with the checks that are helping cover the medical bills. This is a new experience for me, and I like it!

We’re glad you like it and that you are spreading the word to family, friends and readers. Thanks, Becky!