Samaritan members love how maternity needs are handled

Mike Miller

Handling maternity bills is obviously a concern for couples, and those coming into health care sharing or considering it have questions.

But our members (and our membership development specialists at 877-764-2426) have answers.

This Life in a Shoe blog post offers author Kim C’s experiences (they’re a family of 12!) of paying maternity bills with the help of other Samaritan members.

“I mentioned that normally we pay our bill up front or make arrangements to pay, but with our midwife it’s different,” Kim writes. “Because she gives a discount for payment in advance, I contacted Samaritan Ministries and was able to share my need before the services were rendered.  This saved everyone money, which makes me happy.  It also made my midwife happy to have her payment in advance.”

Several commenters also offer their thoughts.

Here’s a sample:

  • “And I love SM because with insurance I cried at some point with both my other children (due to frustration) and with SM I cried at one point because I was telling him that my boy didn’t breathe for 5 minutes and was in the NICU and everything was okay but telling him made me cry and he just listened and CARED. And when the baby screamed/cried through some of our conversation he said that “Baby cries are a happy sound … that is a joyful noise!” Not like insurance at all…in the best way possible!”

  • “We’ve had Samaritan since last June, and love it so far. It is less for me and our son (Hubby chews tobacco, so he’s excluded.) that it was for just me to have insurance. We had miscarriage last fall and I was amazed by the outpouring of love and support by both the employees and other members. I remember telling my husband one evening that when I called, they prayed with me. You won’t find that with an insurance company! “We are now expecting again (yay! 10 weeks), and I’ve already been able to get the need process started. My midwife is giving a big enough discount for being a cash-paying-patient, that in the end, we won’t net any out-of-pocket expenses. That is a HUGE difference from the birth of our son. Even though we had a “really good” insurance plan, we are still making payments on over $6000 in “coinsurance” aka what your insurance sticks you with. And he’s almost two. Praise God for Samaritan Ministries!”

  • “My midwife also discounts for pre-payment and Samaritan makes it so easy! We have had to deal with hospitals and regular doctors since we have been members. Just this past Monday I had to go see my OB since we suspected i may have preeclampsia. When we told him we were self-pay, they discounted our bill if we paid right then. When we have had to use the ER/urgent care, we also tell them we are self pay and they note that on our records. When we get the bill we check to see if it has been discounted. If not I will call the billing office and explain our situation and approx. when they should receive payment. This also lets them know that we are thinking about the bill. The people at Samaritan are wonderful. They will talk you through everything and help in any way they can. We gave up the insurance offered by my husband’s employer because we believe that health care sharing and Samaritan is the way to go. We have been blessed by every need we have had to share and it is a blessing to send money to another family each month.”


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