Samaritan for CollegePlus staff

Mike Miller  ·  Jun 01, 2015

Ryan Yamane, co-counder of CollegePlus, knows a lot about dealing with inefficient systems, and he applies this knowledge to health care.

“Health care and higher education have some pretty significant parallels,” he says. “Both are highly subsidized, highly regulated … and very inefficient.”

As CollegePlus grew and the health insurance landscape under the Affordable Care Act became more restrictive, Ryan and the other company co-founders looked for ways to offer quality health care solutions to their employees. “We really wanted our employees to be free to do what was best for their families without having insurance companies dictating their decisions.”

They settled on Samaritan as one of the options, and it has been the most popular choice so far. “We find that with Samaritan, we’re able to provide for a larger percentage of a family’s total health care costs.”

Ian Lawrence is one of those employees. “I previously worked for a government contractor that provided health insurance. When my wife and I chose Samaritan, we wanted to be sure it would help with maternity needs. It ended up being 20 percent cheaper, and we were able to use a birthing center when our second child was born earlier this year. Many of the checks that came in the mail had notes from Samaritan members saying they were celebrating and praying for us. That meant a lot.”

For Ryan and CollegePlus, Samaritan has been good news. “We really feel like we’re able to provide employees with an outside-the-box solution that matches our own company DNA. We’re satisfying the legal requirements of the Affordable Care Act, but also meeting the needs of the CollegePlus family in a very meaningful way.”