Robin Douglas has been a great blessing to her husband, new Board member Bob Douglas

Michael Miller  ·  Mar 28, 2018

A great blessing for new Samaritan Ministries Board member Bob Douglas has been his wife, Robin.

“She’s a precious gift from God,” Bob says about his wife of 27 years, a third-generation chiropractor. “She is an excellent doctor and businesswoman and mother of three.”

Robin and Bob decided that she would cut back her time working outside the home when their first child, Grant, arrived, and she ended up staying at home full time after their other children, Paige and Mitch, were born.

“I know that’s not the answer for everybody,” Bob says, “but for our family it was. She’s just a wonderful mother and wife.”

Robin also helped Bob and the family stay balanced as he worked his way through the business world.

“I had two startups during those times, which take a long time, a lot of hours,” he says. “I was trying to balance that with taking care of a young family and she was just the perfect partner, coming alongside me, doing everything that she could to allow me to spend time in our young business and at the same helping me to keep a balance at home.”

Bob and Robin, however, are also firm believers that the relationship between husband and wife is the most important thing in a family. 

“Too many couples elevate other priorities above their marital relationship,” Bob says. “Many times it is the children. We see in our ministry that many families have that upside down, and it creates deeper and more intense problems. Robin has a great handle on that, making time for us, making our relationship a priority while balancing the needs of the house and children.

“A culmination of all those things is why she is the best wife in the world,” he says, adding, “She’s still gorgeous. She’s beautiful.”