Review: 'The Pilgrim's Progress' animates faith

Michael Miller  ·  Mar 26, 2019

Revelation Media has produced a work of quality in its animated version of The Pilgrim’s Progress, despite working with only 12 animators, some working out of a kitchen in Costa Rica; having to create their own software; and having to build their own computers.

Taking on John Bunyan’s epic work involving Christian Pilgrim’s trip on the narrow path to the Celestial City, writer-director Robert Fernandez and his animation staff have succeeded in creating a compelling version of the classic. You can almost feel the growing “heavy and sickly burden” that Christian carries on his trek and are relieved when he finally manages to get rid of it.

The script stays faithful to Bunyan’s work, adding entertaining voices and expressions for the characters, like Obstinate and Pliable, who try to talk Christian into returning to the City of Destruction. The leaders and trial attendees in Vanity Fair are creatively unnerving, both visually and audibly.

The worlds also are well-crafted—pleasing to the eye and realistic without being distracting. The characters simply fit into them.

Most visible throughout the movie are Pilgrim’s emotions. His facial expressions are believable, and his desire to get to The Celestial City is obvious.

The Pilgrim’s Progress by Revelation Media should be a great resource for families and missionaries for years to come.