Responding to the election with a Biblical perspective

By Daniel Darling, LifeWay Voices  ·  Oct 26, 2020

The 2020 elections are coming to an end or, by the time you read this, have ended. To help us process the results as followers of Jesus, we offer this reflection by Pastor Daniel Darling written after the 2018 congressional election. May you be at peace with God’s sovereignty and continued faithfulness to you and the Church, whatever the results of the 2020 vote may be.

So the polls have closed. The ballots have been counted. The returns are in. America has voted. … The nonstop analysis of why it happened will continue to dominate cable news, newspapers, and websites. Oh, and politics on social media will continue to be mostly unbearable.

But how should Christians react to the election results? Here are four attitudes that should mark our response.

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