Reputation, faith, other factors led Taggarts to Samaritan

Michael Miller  ·  Apr 24, 2020

Jim and Kelli Taggart first heard about Samaritan Ministries health care sharing the way so many others do: from friends at church who are members and had been helped with Shares after a Need.

“We were looking for a cost savings compared to what we were paying for health insurance along with an upcoming rate increase, crazy high deductibles, and out-of-pocket expenses,” says Jim, a newly elected member of the Samaritan Board of Directors.

“We were not familiar with need-sharing ministries. We researched several organizations and decided to join Samaritan Ministries because of their beliefs, the need-sharing concept, membership process, solid reference from our friends, and cost savings.”

The friends’ son had been in a bicycling accident that led to $45,000 in bills before negotiations and discounts, and Samaritan members met the Need completely.

After joining, Jim himself had a road bicycle accident and saw the same response that his friends had. That has helped the Taggarts spread the Samaritan word themselves.

“Those two events and responses by the members of Samaritan Ministries have provided great references to the friends we’ve told about Samaritan,” Jim says.

“On the giving/sharing side, seeing a Need come across our computer every month keeps our eyes open that there are needs literally every day in our Christian community. And, we can help meet those Needs.”