Proactive members work to stretch Share dollars

Samaritan members  ·  Mar 28, 2018

Being part of Samaritan Ministries has been an amazing blessing to us. Not only do I feel at peace about our Needs being taken care of, but working with the doctors and hospitals as a cash-paying patient for our maternity need has worked out great. We were able to get about 60 percent in discounts.

Before we joined Samaritan, I was constantly stressed about our insurance and it seemed that nothing ever went right with billing.

Amazingly, taking care of the billing ourselves has actually simplified the whole process. I feel like I have a better understanding of my medical care and have gained confidence in talking about costs and negotiating.

Adam & Kali, Indiana

The Samaritan approach worked extremely well for my Need. From my perspective, it’s far better than any insurance policy. I was free to choose the doctor and hospital for my surgery.

I negotiated 60 percent discounts and was able to go ahead and pay for the surgery before my Need was shared. I received all the Shares and beautiful prayers for my recovery. This is the way health care ought to work! It was very straightforward and simple. Truly God’s design.

Thank you to Samaritan and all the members for allowing me to be part of this concept. The surgery went well, and I only had to be in the hospital one night. I am fully recovered and full speed ahead. Praise the Lord!

Philip & Katherine, Tennessee

All praise and glory goes to my heavenly Father. He is the One Who has helped me through my heart problems and pneumonia. I believe God placed His hands on me and guided me through a time of healing.

This long journey from being in the hospital to recovering at home has been a trying time, but I can say that God was always faithful to meet my needs.

Not only did God help me, He helped my family, too. My husband took charge of the bills and started contacting providers right away to get the best discount possible. Many of them he was able to negotiate down to fractions of the original amounts. Our total bills were over a hundred thousand dollars, but we ended up paying only about $7,000 because of discounts!

We were so excited to be able to save this money so it could go to other members’ needs. When our Shares were coming in along with words of encouragement, it was such a blessing. It was a ray of sunshine in some dark days for us. It was amazing to see that Christians from all over the country were coming together to help us.

Daniel & Cheryl, Georgia

Following my heart attack and life flight, the financial services staff came to my hospital room to ask about insurance. We explained that we participate in Samaritan Ministries and asked if she was familiar with that. She grinned and said, “Oh yes, we are happy to work with Samaritan members.” They followed through and gave us almost a 60 percent discount, and we were able to pay promptly. What a blessing.

Ray & Starla, Colorado

When my husband passed away after emergency heart surgery in 2016, I was devastated by the sudden loss and the additional burden of huge medical bills. Thankfully, the Lord provided discounts, and the remaining bills were entirely shared by faithful Samaritan members.

Each time after I had made a deposit, I would run home and make another payment. The people in the billing department soon knew me and were just as blessed as I was to see the massive bill come down.

The tellers at the bank also heard my Samaritan story and were awed at what ordinary believers would do for one another.

More important than all of this though were the healing touches to my broken heart. I was ministered to by the encouraging cards and letters, and above all the faithful prayers of Samaritan brothers and sisters.

I even had the joy of meeting one couple who asked if they could drive over and hand deliver their Share. They had also suffered a great loss, and we had a sweet but brief visit. We even realized our ministry paths had crossed in the past.

Praise God!

Jill, Nevada

Samaritan Ministries has been a wonderful blessing in my life. When my swollen foot wouldn’t improve after several weeks of attempting to care for it at home, I decided I had better get medically evaluated.

I had read several newsletter articles about the wisdom and importance of checking providers, not only for cost issues, but quality as well. Armed with this encouragement, I was able to find the perfect doctor. Thankfully, he was able to rule out a fracture and treat me with an orthotic and special exercises. I am doing great and am so thankful for all the gracious support from Samaritan members.

Pamela, New York

We appreciate so much God’s provision through Samaritan. We’ve never felt more blessed, not only with prayers answered, healing, and encouragement, but also the confidence of knowing our financial need will be provided for. God bless each member who is a channel of His love!

With something as serious as a tumor on the pancreas, we were grateful that we were able to choose to travel to a facility where there were doctors with more expertise. They were able to determine that surgery was not advisable, because there was no malignancy. It is likely that surgeons at our local hospital would have done surgery promptly, and it would not have helped, risked very serious complications, and would have been unnecessary cost.

We were so grateful to be able to choose a facility with highly qualified experts for our situation. Although there were travel costs, it was worth it to be confident we were choosing specialists on pancreas issues, plus we saved the cost of the surgery.

Please continue to pray for a successful treatment and complete recovery.

Jim & Marlene, Wyoming

We are so thankful we are able to choose our doctors with Samaritan Ministries, which has never been possible in the past for us with insurance companies. We pray that Samaritan will grow and grow nationwide.

James & Kris, California