​Overcoming fear of childbirth: 3 ways to transform fear into confidence

By Chandra Lattig of Pregnancy By Design  ·  Feb 22, 2021

Second in a series.

Fear of childbirth is very common! Even the most fearless among us may find ourselves somewhat nervous, the closer we get to the reality of giving birth.

Fear or anxiousness about giving birth usually stems from 1) a lack of birth knowledge (how birth and the body work) and 2) expectations about birth. A woman’s expectations may shape how she experiences labor, the birth experience and even the outcome she is likely to have.

A woman with negative expectations about childbirth, or a first-time mother who doesn’t know a lot about the physiology of birth, is likely to have more fear than a woman who has positive expectations, and is confident in the process of birth.

Your expectations and level of fear or nervousness matter a lot. Researchers have studied women’s expectations and their experience of birth. As you might guess, negative expectations lead to negative thoughts about birth, which often increases fear. Studies have found that negative expectations predict emotional and physical childbirth complications. So a woman’s fear about childbirth has real, significant impact on her birth experience and outcome.

The good news is that women are not stuck with their current level of fear or negative expectations about birth. Nor are they are doomed to have a negative birth experience.  

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