Moving from lament to leadership: George Floyd, the Gospel, and our response

Pastor Chris Brooks  ·  Jun 22, 2020

As the dust clears over the Minneapolis skyline and other cities around our country, and the embers begin to fade from the blaze of yet another heartbreaking page in the story of human fallenness, we are all left with the aching cry of Maranatha! This one word sums up our deepest longings when God, in His sovereignty, allows the veil to be lifted from our eyes causing us to see the sheer depths of human depravity.

The filmed pain of the injustice committed against Mr. George Floyd has only been compounded by the ugliness of burning buildings and wounded cities. This should cause any true believer to long for Christ’s return. As we witness clashes between people and police, we are reminded this world is not our home. So, our souls cry, “Maranatha … Come Lord Jesus!” But for now, we, His Church, are left to look forward to His return while grappling with the question, “How now shall we live?”

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