Movie review: 'Is Genesis History?'

Jed Stuber  ·  Feb 01, 2017

Is the earth billions of years old, or did God create everything in a few days? Did mankind descend from apes, or are we made in the image of God, spoken into existence by Him? Was there a global flood that covered the whole earth, or did water only destroy parts of the earth?

In Is Genesis History?Dr. Del Tackett, former vice president of Focus on the Family and creator of the Truth Project curriculum, leads us on a journey of examining historical truth. He interviews 13 scientists and scholars to determine which of the opposing viewpoints above is best supported by the available evidence. On February 23, Is Genesis History? will be released in 500 theaters across the country for one showing.

The movie begins with Dr. Tackett standing in a canyon, asking how long we think it would have taken the stream we see to cut the steep walls through the rock. He then reveals that the canyon is younger than he is. It was formed in hours by a massive mud slide that later hardened into rock, following the eruption of Mount St. Helens.

His point is that “there are a lot of assumptions made by a lot of people about the history of the earth around us.”

Dr. Tackett leads us on a tour of the Grand Canyon with Steve Austin, a Ph.D. geologist who has spent a lifetime studying the area. Dr. Austin explains that scientists have mapped out the features of a massive lake basin spanning several states, including the likely point where a dam broke to let the water rush through to cut the canyon. He believes the global flood described in the Bible created the conditions necessary to form the rock layers and fossil beds.

Dr. Tackett takes us to Montana to a dig for dinosaur bones, and talks with molecular biologist Kevin Anderson about his discovery of a fossilized triceratops horn that still contained soft tissue. Anderson says the find caused a worldwide stir, because there is no plausible explanation for it other than a Biblical timeline of a few thousand years, rather than millions of years.

Samaritan member Rob Carter, a marine biologist and expert in genetics, is also interviewed. Dr. Tackett has a background in computer science and asks Carter about the amazing complexity of the information contained in DNA. Carter says there is no way random chance we and mutations can explain it. There must be intelligent design.

Biologist Tom Wood from the Memphis Zoo points out the amazing variation within animal kinds, which creationists do believe are explained by natural selection. However, Wood says there is no evidence one kind has ever evolved into another. He also says that Noah could have had room to spare on the ark, because he only needed about 2,000 kinds of animals. Science can easily explain how these kinds developed into the millions of varieties we see today without using evolution.

Astronomer Danny Faulkner points out that thousands of scientists, many of them atheists, signed a protest against the Big Bang Theory, and he offers a Biblical perspective on the so called “space-time” problem. Archeologist Douglas Petrovich presents compelling historical evidence for the Tower of Babel and the Biblical narratives of the patriarchs.

Also featured is Dr. Kurt Wise, who was being considered to take over the paleontology department at Harvard, but left for a small college to pursue science from a Biblical perspective. He mentions rapidly formed coal and petrified forests as more examples that have shown the error of evolutionary assumptions.

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