Movie review: ‘Beyond the Mask’

Mike Miller  ·  Feb 01, 2015

By Marcia Krahn

People who have seen Beyond the Mask enthusiastically recommend the latest film by Burns Family Studios, a period action-adventure movie depicting a young man at odds with himself and his world.

William Reynolds (played by Andrew Cheney), an assassin for the British East India Company in the 1770s, returns to England from his recent stint in India, sick of the horror, determined to resign and begin a new life. After a confrontation with his employer, the powerful Charles Kemp (John Rhys-Davies), Will is forced to flee for his life and take on another identity. In this guise, he discovers new purpose and hope, particularly in his promising relationship with Charlotte Holloway (Kara Killmer).

But before he can confide the truth to Charlotte, his past enemies find him, and he must flee once more—this time to the American Colonies. Here he joins with Ben Franklin to begin his own efforts for the cause of American independence. Sure to be recognized by Kemp and his henchmen, Will dons a mask and repeatedly thwarts Kemp’s attempts to sabotage the birth of a new nation.

Will’s mask is a visual representation of the movie’s theme that our identity is only found in Christ, not as we represent ourselves to others or by the amount of good works we do.

“Will uses a mask to hide what he is doing, trying to use performance to justify his identity,” explains Stephen Kendrick, well-known Christian filmmaker. “If we accept truth, God creates in us a new identity in Christ that is far better than anything we can find in this world.”

In the end, Will realizes that all the success he’s accomplished while wearing his mask cannot pay for his past, restore his good name, or win the woman he loves. Broken, Will learns to leave behind all masks and find his hope and identity in Christ alone.

In addition to a strong theme that drives the story, Burns Family Studios director Chad Burns and producer Aaron Burns assembled a team of professionals who created an engaging script performed by talented actors, undergirded by music and effects that reflect the period and draw the viewer into the story.

Dr. Del Tackett of The Truth Project describes Beyond the Mask as “a turning point in Christian filmmaking,” adding that “getting behind this movie is going to help us move this industry in the direction it needs to go.”

Beyond the Mask is being released this April through a relatively new “theater on-demand” method.  People who want to see this movie can visit and click on Tickets. Those who cannot find a location near them have the option of becoming a Theater Captain to bring Beyond the Mask to their churches, organizations, or friends and family. Anyone who wants to become a Theater Captain can go to and click on the “Bring To Your City” tab. The information and instructions needed to get started are all there. It’s free, fast, and uncomplicated.

For movie fans who enjoy the big screen theater experience, Burns Family Studios has provided an outstanding tool bringing real action and adventure to theaters through the redemptive message of Beyond the Mask.