Members share blessings from other members

Samaritan members  ·  Nov 26, 2019

These letters are all from members blessed by Member Assistance giving. You can donate using the back of your Share assignment or contribute online via Secure-Q at

Every month we share more than $30 million in medical Needs. However, every month $1 million in bills don’t qualify for sharing and are still financial burdens for members. If each household gave just $30, we could lift all these burdens! 

We work in full-time ministry and raise support, and our second daughter was born before we joined Samaritan. We weren’t able to raise enough to pay off the birth expenses, but we were thoroughly blown away by the amazing response to our Special Prayer Need. Samaritan members donated the largest chunk of what we owed. We were so blessed by the beautiful cards and sweet words that came along with the money. We are so thankful!

— Boise, Idaho
The encouragement we have received from Samaritan members is incredible. To receive assistance especially for a non-shareable event causes a complete shift in attitude. It changes the entire outlook of my day. But the notes and prayer are even better than the finanical help! It’s God’s people doing what God asked us to do. It is a BEAUTIFUL ministry and I am so grateful to be part of it.

— Mableton, Georgia
Larry endured severe pain from an extremely large kidney stone that could never pass on its own, and we didn’t have insurance, so we were in a place we didn’t want to be. We joined Samaritan anyway, knowing that it was pre-existing and we could only request Member Assistance.

A visit with our surgeon left us feeling overwhelmed because the estimate was $50,000. We prayed and asked God to be with us and the surgery and recovery went great.

When the bills came we were able to negotiate a discount of 61 percent, so with $19,000 left to pay we requested help from Member Assistance. The cards and notes we received were so precious, bringing happy tears on different occasions. With generous gifts from members and by the grace of God we have been able to pay off the bills.

The media has such a gloomy outlook on our country’s health care, but I would like them to meet my brothers and sisters in Christ through Samaritan Ministries. We share each other’s burdens and have hope and peace knowing prayers are going up to our loving Heavenly Father. We pray God blesses and guides the Board and staff of Samaritan, exceedingly abundantly above that which we can think or speak.

— Springville, Indiana
What a blessing to receive donations from others for my pre-existing injury. The cards and sacrificial giving of others was so encouraging. It motivated both of us to give for others’ unshareable expenses. To give the $30 requested is so little but it can make a big difference.

— Boone, Iowa
Samaritan Ministries has been the answer to our prayers. We didn’t know how we would pay for the pre-existing medical bills for my fall, but the words of encouragement we received from members lifted our spirits. I see God’s providence through each one who donated even though they don’t have to.

— Wasilla, Alaska
My dental bills were over $25,000 so I did not expect them all to be met, but I was truly blessed by the response I received. Many wrote personal notes and prayers and gave sacrificially. Once you feel the love coming through, you can’t help but reciprocate for someone else who has a Special Prayer Need. Thank you for what Samaritan Ministries does. God is blessing His people through it.

— Colorado Springs, Colorado
I am so pleased with my experience being a member of Samaritan Ministries. Several years ago my ER visit was shared and I received encouraging notes from so many members. This year I had substantial bills for dental work and received about a third to help me pay it off.

I am so thankful and moved by everything Samaritan stands for. I only wish I had learned about it years earlier. I tell all my friends to take the leap of faith and join Samaritan because it is wonderful to bear one another’s burdens but also amazing to read others’ testimonies of God working things out for His glory and their good.

When I write notes to other members, I also take the opportunity to ask for prayer for salvation for my loved ones and friends.

I also want to say thank you and God bless you to the Samaritan staff. Without you we wouldn’t be able to have all these experiences.

— Asheville, North Carolina
We are so thankful for the members who gave so generously for our pre-existing maternity bills. Receiving help from so many believers who also took the time to write a note or Bible verse was very encouraging. We are certain that their prayers have been helping us through these very difficult days of stress. We will be forever grateful and aspire to contribute to the Member Assistance ministry when we are able.

— Lancaster, California
I had $7,000 in dental bills and the kindness of members who contributed was a huge encouragement to my wife and me. Every little bit helps alleviate the financial burden and we are grateful for the prayers.

— Castaic, California
It is truly inspirational to receive letters of encouragement that members sent in with donations for my overwhelming dental bills. I saved the cards for future times to remember the love of God that comes through the prayers of His people.

— Medford, Oregon
One of the things we love about Samaritan is the Member Assistance ministry. Sometimes even “normal” medical expenses like my vision exam and eyeglasses are a financial burden. It is a privilege to give to others’ needs and also to be on the receiving end. Thank you for the many prayers, words of encouragement, and financial gifts that make life a little easier.

— Colorado Springs, Colorado
We are so grateful for the help we received for my pre-existing back pain. We even received a donation from our neighbors down the street. We were able to connect with them and learn about what God is doing in their lives. Thank you for providing the opportunity to participate in this wonderful ministry.

— Fayetteville, Arkansas
I have so many things to be thankful for and now I am reminded that Samaritan Ministries is one of those blessings. I’ve been able to pay off the bill for my routine mammogram because of help from fellow members. It is especially touching to know that the Samaritan Ministries “family” extends all across the United States and they are keeping me in their prayers. That is a profound realization that touches my heart.

— Ennis, Montana
We remember struggling to pay almost $5,000 for our our first child’s braces before we were members of Samaritan. With our next child we received 15 donations totaling $460. Even though it’s only about 10 percent, getting this assistance was a real blessing. Even more than the money, we were so appreciative of the cards and uplifting notes. We showed them all to our daughter so she could see how many people were praying for her and our family. We also are rejoicing that our other daughter put her faith in the Lord at camp recently, and she will be baptized next Sunday. Praise the Lord!

— Star, North Carolina
It is so comforting to know so many people have prayed for me during this time. The love expressed in the form of financial gifts has helped alleviate the burden. I have drawn closer to the Lord as I laid down my desires for trips and shopping to focus on paying down my debt. God has a plan for each of us and through prayer we find that plan. Having so many people praying with me is such a blessing.

Over time I have received almost half the $10,000 I need to pay off my bills. It helps!

God bless Samaritan Ministries and the generous members. My husband and I were also blessed to attend the dinner with the Board and hear testimonies of how God is at work.

— Buffalo, Minnesota
We have been so touched by the way members have given so graciously to help us with a pre-existing medical bill for our son’s ear tubes. I had tears in my eyes as I shared with my husband how so many people have been so encouraging to us. Each note and gift is precious to us.

— Noblesville, Indiana 
We are so grateful that people are generous and have helped us. It is so sweet to read about all the prayers offered up for us.

I felt so blessed that I have increased my giving to Member Assistance because now I understand how much it means to receive help in time of need.

— Burnsville, Minnesota