Members relate savings through Healthcare Bluebook™

by Samaritan members  ·  Jan 20, 2023

Samaritan Ministries members using Healthcare Bluebook™ have been saving money on their health care bills, helping to keep Share amounts lower. Read more here.

Michelle of Florida

I was searching for an orthopedic doctor to do my bilateral hip replacements. It’s daunting to wade through all of the doctors and their reviews to find a good one. I thought that I had found the right one when Samaritan Ministries suggested I use Healthcare Bluebook.

I asked a rep there, Jami Carswell, if she could give me the ranking of the doctor I had chosen. He had five stars with all high positive reviews. So, you can imagine my surprise when Jami got back to me with his ranking at 14th percentile in the nation. That meant there were 86 percent more doctors with a higher national rating.

I told Jami that I needed to have (one with a better rating). So at my request Jami and her team started looking for another orthopedic doctor in my area. The one they found and that I chose had an 84th percentile ranking, and he was phenomenal. Not only did he do a superior job with both of my hip replacements, he was also a fantastic person with a caring, kind bedside manner. I never would have found this doctor if it weren’t for Healthcare Bluebook.

In addition to helping me find a top-notch doctor, Jami and her team also helped me get a bundled price for the operations at a reduced rate. Jami helped me with scheduling and handling the costs through Samaritan. Her communication was outstanding. She would email me and respond very quickly. We also spoke on the phone, and she was always kind and helpful.

Vince Carroll was also part of my Healthcare Bluebook team and handled communications with my doctor and billing. My doctor’s office said Vince was wonderful to work with. Healthcare Bluebook really made this experience smooth and beautiful for everyone. I highly recommend the Healthcare Bluebook team to help you find the right doctor at a great price.

Lynne of Mississippi

My husband found out that he needed lumbar fusion back surgery. We were overwhelmed when the hospital he wanted to use quoted a price of $157,000, and that was with a 30 percent discount.  After contacting Samaritan Ministries, we were put in contact with Healthcare Bluebook. Jami and her team helped us get a quote from another hospital in our same area that ended up being $25,000. What a difference! We were still able to use the same doctor. We can't thank Jami and her team enough for helping us with every detail. We don't know what we would have done without Healthcare Bluebook.