Member Spotlight: Jesse and Aby Rinella, Called Beyond

By Andie Dill  ·  May 25, 2021

Jesse and Aby Rinella are using their love for the outdoors and their desire to cherish all life by providing fun and exciting outdoor adventures for children with disabilities, terminal illness, Down syndrome, or other obstacles. To do that, Jesse and Aby founded Called Beyond, a not-for-profit ministry that seeks to value life, share the blessing of family, and point to the Creator through His creation, all by serving children.

They both grew up spending much of their time in the great outdoors. Over time, the Lord created opportunities for them to write articles about outdoor adventures and give kids with disabilities experiences that they might not otherwise have. Through these writing opportunities, God provided sponsorship offers, giving Jesse and Aby the idea to start an outdoor adventure organization where they could give families with disabled or terminally ill children outdoor experiences, using the Rinellas’ talents to express how much the lives of these children matter in this world and to their Creator.

We are called to live beyond.

Jesse and Aby chose to name their ministry Called Beyond as a reminder that we are all called to live beyond our own limits and desires and to serve others regularly and well.

“We are called to the top,” Aby says. “We are called beyond the daily grind of just serving ourselves, and instead to live for the Kingdom.”

Additionally, Jesse and Aby named their ministry Called Beyond because they seek to take the children God puts on their path beyond their limits and help them go beyond what they can do on their own.

Every life has value.

God’s Word says that each of us were knit together in our mother’s womb—fearfully and wonderfully. This includes children with disabilities, terminal illness, and other obstacles that might otherwise prevent them from living a “normal” or typical life.

Disabilities do not make these lives any less valuable or precious to God or to society. Jesse and Aby have made it their goal to celebrate these lives and give them experiences like jetboat fishing, hiking, elk hunting, and other outdoor adventures.

“The value of life is placed by the God who created it. No matter what that life looks like—whether they are in a wheelchair, no matter what color their skin is, or if they are male or female—each person is made in God’s image,” Aby says. “From the moment of conception, God has a purpose and a plan for each and every life.”

Called Beyond is more than fun activities.

While Jesse and Aby are striving to grant wishes to these children, Called Beyond Ministries is more than that. The activities are things that the children would not be able to do on their own, and are in essence opportunities to point back to the Creator and give glory to His name.

“We are blessing these children, but really we are pointing to something so much bigger,” Aby says. “We are being a voice for the voiceless. We are sharing and showcasing to the world that life and family both matter to God and our hope is that people will see the Creator through His creation.”

Family is the first ministry.

Jesse and Aby have three young children, and the Rinella kids are part of every activity and outing that Called Beyond provides for children with disabilities, learning how to serve and bless other children.

“We are very strong believers that our first ministry is home,” Aby says. “The Lord has created a very strong hierarchy with Himself as our ultimate authority, then the husband, the wife under her husband, and the children come after that. When we function in God’s design for Biblical marriage and family, there is better fruitfulness, clarity of flow, and blessings around us that in turn allow us to go out and minister together well for His Kingdom.”

Going out to reach the nation.

Currently, Jesse and Aby live in Idaho where Jesse works a full-time job and Aby is home with the children. But their hope is to reach beyond Idaho one day, bringing activities to children all over the country at no cost to their families.

Aby and Jesse are looking for people with existing outfitters to sponsor activities for children. Then the Rinellas will come in to organize and direct the activities and bring all the equipment needed to make those activities adaptable for the children they serve.

This summer, the Rinellas are planning a jet boat fishing trip, a camping trip, and a hiking day.

Right now, activities are limited to Idaho, but, Lord willing, there will be opportunities for more activities in other states. The Rinellas meet most of the people they serve through word-of-mouth connections. However, there is also an online application to participate in an activity.

Point to the Creator and speak life.

“When you are being used by God, your life is changed,” Aby says. “The Bible tells us to bear one another’s burdens, and these kids so desire to do fun things, just like every other person. When you can connect with a person and their story, you see them and their value differently.”

The Rinellas want the children they serve to live life abundantly. These kids are celebrated, cheered for, and told they matter.

“From the beginning, God did not intend to create anyone with cancer or disabilities, but we live in a fallen world,” Aby says. “Even so, these kids with disabilities are not mess-ups or mistakes. They are all made by the Creator.”

Pray for the Rinellas and Called Beyond.

  • That the Lord will use Called Beyond to share the value of life, the blessing of family and to point to our Creator through His creation
  • That lives will be impacted for the Kingdom, above and beyond what we could ask (Ephesians 3:20)
  • That Called Beyond would grow and reach more people
  • For God’s provision in all ministry details: the finances to run the ministry, the families they serve, and people to come alongside to help make these adventures happen
  • For protection and provision for the Rinella family as they serve in this ministry while balancing work and family.

Andie Dill is a Social Media Communications Specialist for Samaritan Ministries.

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