Member messages: 'It feels like God Himself is acting'

By by Samaritan members  ·  Sep 20, 2023

Our family is simply amazed at the outpouring of love from our Samaritan Ministries family. The love and support that we felt from Samaritan members was immense. The notes, cards, and poems sent were tangible hugs and encouragement. We still have a big burden, but it feels lighter. When God’s people care for each other, it feels like God Himself is acting. I am thankful for all the gifts and all those that gave. I want to be that blessing for others and look forward to being an encouragement hopefully soon. Thank you for your ministry.
Tiffany of North Carolina

Our hearts are full of gratitude and thanksgiving for Samaritan Ministries and our Samaritan family. I have been a member for nine years now and have never regretted going this route. Samaritan allows me to research, pray, and then choose my own doctor and path of healing. Caring for other members by sending them money, cards and prayers is a wonderful blessing. I so appreciate the help I have received for my medical bills. My journey has been very painful and difficult, so the prayers, cards, and financial help have been encouraging. I thank the Lord for Samaritan Ministries.
Athena of Idaho

My continued fight against Lyme disease has become a burden, not only financially but also upon my family, as my body is weak, and I need constant care. Through a Special Prayer Need, God blessed us as a family with not only much-needed donations, but with written prayers, Bible verses, and words of encouragement. We have saved each note and reflect on harder days how God has been speaking through them. The generous gifts from members have lessened the financial burden, and the overwhelming support gives me hope to continue to fight for full healing and to always trust in King Jesus. He keeps his promises, and we are full of gratitude for Samaritan Ministries.
Amy of Georgia

We have been so blessed to be a part of Samaritan Ministries. What a blessing to be able to give directly to those with medical needs and write notes of encouragement. Little do we know how God must work behind the scenes and minister to people through this family of believers! It’s also such a blessing (and humbling) to be on the receiving end. Watching the checks keep coming in is amazing. We thank God for the faithfulness of this ministry and the hard work the leadership puts in with following the Lord’s leading. None of this would be possible without continued prayer and submission to His will. All glory and honor to Him!
Bart and Ann of Washington

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