Member messages: 'God led every step of the way'

By Samaritan members  ·  Jun 20, 2023

When it became apparent that I could no longer be in denial about needing a knee replacement, I made the necessary local appointment with my primary care provider and got X-rays. When I called Samaritan Ministries to set up a new Need, an advocate asked to transfer me to Healthcare Bluebook™ for help in finding a fair price for the surgery. We had heard about Bluebook and the good savings they had been able to find. Interestingly, I had just gotten a flyer in our Samaritan newsletter about the possible savings for a knee replacement. Hmm. Coincidence?
Also, ladies had been at our house raving about a wonderful doctor in Longview, Washington. When my concierge, Christy, called from Healthcare Bluebook, she was so very kind, understanding, and helpful. She explained what Healthcare Bluebook’s purpose and mission are: to find the best care for me at the fairest price. She asked some questions, including how far we would be willing to drive for this procedure. We decided that 100 miles would take us from small Astoria on the Oregon coast to Portland, Oregon; Vancouver, Washington; or Longview, Washington. Each have larger and more varied facilities. Christy said the team would get on it. Next day their list centered on a facility in Longview and a doctor whom we were told was the very best. We learned later that he can offer greater discounts because he and five other doctors own the self-contained surgical center.
All went smoothly—the consult, the appointments, the information classes, etc. When I had a surgery date, Christy told me that Bluebook would get the best price. We were seriously “blown away.” It was no longer our job to get the lowest price, but to just focus on getting repairs and getting better. Christy called to check on me now and then, making sure all was going well, answering questions as they came up. She called again after surgery. I will miss talking to her!
We are now 10 days past surgery. The medical team did a great job. Recovery is hard work, but I look forward to walking securely on my straight leg with a new knee. Since my knees were “wind-swept,” my left knee will have to be repaired sometime, too. Christy said to call when I’m ready. All is in place to make next time even easier.
Truly God led every “step” of the way, from the first until now, and He will strengthen my legs to walk well again with my new knee. I am telling everyone about Healthcare Bluebook and Samaritan Ministries. What a wonderful team. Thank you, and God keep you protected.

Lynda, Oregon