Member letters: Samaritan members felt love of others after miscarriages

Samaritan members  ·  Sep 24, 2018

We were deeply touched and ministered to by the notes of support. After losing three children to miscarriages we were definitely in need of some hope and new life. As we opened each envelope and read about similar experiences people have been through, we were encouraged to hold on to Jesus. It was exactly what we needed. Every time I send a share I thank God for the opportunity to be part of this ministry.

Josh & Melanie, Missouri

Our miscarriage has been a major trial for us. One blessing that has come along with it is the discovery that the more we share our hurts and needs with others, the more care and support we receive. Our recovery process has been much facilitated by the encouragement we received from Samaritan members.

Adam & Melissa, Texas

The past 18 months have been a deep valley for our family as we suffered two miscarriages. Our spiritual community has gathered with us in sorrow, hope, and joy. Jesus has pressed Himself deeper into our beings, including our three children, ages 5, 7, and 10.

Every card full of loving words desiring to enter into our sufferings have shaped us deeper into the suffering of Christ. The tangible arms of God through His Body reaching us from all over the nation has been such a means of kindness, hope, and grace to us. We rejoice in our suffering because we are receiving more treasure, and God is investing much in us. We are being given more than we deserve, and He is worthy of all our praise.

Josh & Affton, South Dakota

We feel very blessed to be part of Samaritan Ministries. We were nervous and excited to be expecting again after a miscarriage. It meant so much to have our phone calls to Samaritan close with a prayer for a healthy and full term pregnancy.   Our baby boy was born healthy. Praise God for this blessing!

It was also a blessing to receive shares, each accompanied by a note and promises of prayers, as we awaited the birth. Because of large discounts offered for prepayment, we had our Need shared early and felt cradled by love and prayers throughout the pregnancy, even before our son’s birth. A pregnancy that began with a lot of uncertainty was covered in prayer, thanks to our Samaritan family.

Steve & Emily, South Carolina

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