Member letters: Mighty blessings through Samaritan members

By Samaritan members  ·  Mar 24, 2021

God has blessed me so mightily through Samaritan Ministries and its members! I am new to Samaritan and so I had no idea of the impact you all could make! I have received so many cards, letters of encouragement, prayers, and checks to help with my bills. It has been quite an encouragement to me and my family. I also tell others like the mail lady and the bank teller about how God has blessed me through you all. It even gave me the opportunity to pray for the bank manager as she was about to go in for a second-look mammogram. God has helped me through all of you to keep my positive attitude through this time. I know it is Him because I have such peace. I am so thankful for the Shares to be able to continue my cancer and Hashimoto’s treatments. Thank you all for your financial help, prayers, and encouragement.
Ellen, Indiana
We are so blessed to be a part of Samaritan Ministries. We wish to thank all the staff for the time and effort that you put into making this work! It is encouraging to me to see shares coming from all over the USA. In these times of Covid and political unrest, it is good to know that there are Christians in every state-people who still love and serve our living God and Savior, Jesus Christ. May God bless you all, and may we all walk the narrow way to Heaven hand in hand. 
Mary, Pennsylvania
God has blessed me above and beyond. I have been a member for almost five and a half years and never really thought I would need help. The process from start to finish of my hip replacement has been amazing. I received the $250 bonus for using Healthcare Bluebook and getting a fair price on the MRI. It was a challenge in how I would make the down payment  to the surgical clinic, but God came through, and He always comes through. Keep trusting, keep believing, keep receiving God’s grace!
Rosemary, North Carolina
We feel very blessed to be a part of Samaritan Ministries. This will be our third baby under Samaritan, and each time we are so thankful how seamless and easy the process is to meet our needs. No insurance haggling, no uncertainty of what will be the ‘haves’ or the ‘have nots’ of the finances of medical care. Praise God for the body of Christ, and for this incredible system in which we carry each other’s burden!
Noah & Jennifer, Minnesota
We are thankful, as small business owners, to have this option. Since joining Samaritan Ministries, we have had three babies, and one of them has had multiple surgeries. As a busy mom, it has been a blessing to not have to deal with insurance. I also appreciate the Christian atmosphere surrounding SMI. Being prayed for over the phone by a complete stranger is another great blessing. Keep up the good work! 
Erin, Mississippi
We appreciate being a part of Samaritan Ministries. All of the Shares were received as they were assigned. It is a blessing to be a part of a group of Christians who do what they say they will do and help out each other’s burdens. Many of the Shares included a note of blessing and prayer for our new baby. We thank God for this encouragement and help.
Ted & Amber, Illinois
Samaritan is such a blessing to our family. Calling Samaritan is such a huge difference from dealing with a health insurance company. The people at Samaritan are actually for you! They are polite, kind, and helpful. Several times they have prayed with me! The Shares come in with lovely heartfelt notes. It is such a comfort to know people from all over the country are praying for you. We are so very grateful for Samaritan Ministries. May God continue to bless it and keep it going strong.
Andrea, New Hampshire