Member letters: Great love and prayers from Samaritan

By Samaritan Ministries members  ·  Jun 22, 2021

We have been blessed by the Samaritan staff. Each time I call with a question, the staff members have been incredibly kind and easy to understand as they answer my questions and bless me with prayer before my phone call ends. The encounter with Samaritan staff feels so different than simply a business transaction. Thank you for the gift you are to all the members who call. Thanks for making the transition of bringing home our newest bundle of joy even more enjoyable! God bless!
Rebecca, Kansas

We have experienced a great loss by losing our daughter at age 30. Yet, we also experienced great love and prayers from Samaritan personnel, and a great outpouring of care and cards as our financial need was being met. You all are a comfort! Even children drew special pictures and sent—such a balm to our grieving hearts. Thanks to one and all.
Mark and Linda, Indiana

When we learned that the hospital required upfront payment of $80,000 for my surgery, we had some serious fears. Without the surgery, my life expectancy would be shortened tremendously. Wondering how we would be able to come up with that sort of money, we called Samaritan and were assured that this sort of thing happened regularly, and they worked with a Christian credit union to handle specific costs. We were praising the Lord that someone knew what they were doing! I was able to have my surgery for Cushing’s disease to remove my pituitary tumor. Samaritan Ministries has truly been life-giving! What a comfort to be prayed for and supported by so many fellow believers! We have been members almost 10 years, and this was our first major health need. We are so very thankful to share burdens with Samaritan Ministries for ourselves, but also to meet the needs of others with our monthly shares.
Kaylee, Kentucky

This ministry has been a true gift to my family. There are no words to express the feelings that overwhelmed me when I would open a letter to find a gift of prayer and friendship, along with their financial help. It was wonderfully inspiring and humbling to share with my children. A gift of hope and love—I will never forget this experience. Thank you, Samaritan Ministries!
Brandy, Pennsylvania

This was actually an amazing process … that works! Sometimes we really wondered if it would work the way we had been told, and I can say a hearty “Yes!” My husband and I had not previously used Samaritan for any medical expense. Instead we have felt that if we could afford it at the time, we would cover the cost to not put demands on another that is struggling. But, this time we were in a different season of life, and the help we received has been a huge blessing. Most everyone was timely, and the few letters I did receive made me realize how important it is to give a word of encouragement this way. Thank you so much for the hard work that goes into keeping things running and organized.
Trisha, Arkansas

When I was unexpectedly diagnosed with lymphoma in January of 2021, I knew our path would not be easy and would require every ounce of faith we had in order to get through. Faith that God would use modern medicine and His healing powers to heal me. Faith that God would provide financially through Samaritan. Faith that this trial in my life would mean something and be used for God’s glory. My prayer has been, “Lord, make it worth it!” As the bills started to stack up, we had faith that Samaritan members would come through, and they did. We received checks and encouraging notes that bring me to tears. We’ve been humbled and encouraged at the same time. Cancer treatment is physically and financially difficult, but our burden has been eased. Also, as another way of God’s providence, one of my chemotherapy drugs was going to cost $60,000—just for that one drug. Because I was cash-pay and not on insurance, the cost of the drug was waived completely and met by the drug manufacturer. What a mercy! We are so grateful for Samaritan Ministries and the members who faithfully give and share each other’s burdens.
Amanda, Arkansas