Member letters: Comfort, savings, provision

Samaritan members

We wanted to send a letter for the same reason many others do: to report the savings and blessings received. I started to write a long and involved letter detailing everything, but really the numbers speak for themselves. So, here they are:

In 2014 our total costs for insurance premiums/deductibles/co-pays/prescriptions was $14,641. In 2015 that total jumped to $15,550 and in 2016 it was $18,604. In 2017, we joined Samaritan and our total costs for shares/prescriptions/non-shareable expenses came to $7,251. In 2018 it was $7,461.

Those numbers amazed me when I finally took the time to add them up on paper, but that’s not all. Randy had major surgery in 2017 and 2018. The total billed for those two events was $129,325, but because of discounts for paying cash and the hospital write-offs, our actual costs were only $19,149. Every penny was shared by Samaritan members.

Folks, these are radical numbers. It should also be noted that we did have some major events in 2016, but how we were treated by insurance was a major impetus for us seeking a different approach. We discovered that you can’t always know what doctors are covered with insurance plans even if the hospital is in network. Those unforeseen huge bills were a punch in the gut.

The insurance companies are obviously looking out for the bottom line. We wanted something, if it were possible, that allowed the person facing health problems to do what was in his best interest. And beyond that, we wanted something we could feel confident in supporting—where our dollars weren’t spent funding activities we disagreed with. For us, Samaritan filled both those needs better than anything else out there. We only wish we had been better informed before 2016.

We felt like we should share our story to let everyone know the ministry is making a difference. And it is doing so because we are doing it God’s way. How simple, right? Thank you to the staff for what you do everyday—processing Needs, directing Shares, helping members get a fair price—and everything else. This ministry is truly a blessing.

—Randy & Cindy, Ohio

Many people have been amazed at how I am handling the knowledge that I have bladder cancer and will be starting treatments this week and continuing them for the next six weeks. The prayers of God’s people, my brothers and sisters in Christ, give me peace and strength. I also know that I am His and He loves me, whether here on this earth or if He takes me home to heaven. He will be with me always. I am thankful for the ministry of Samaritan as it encourages us to bear one another’s burdens. I really appreciate those who write notes of comfort and encouragement.

—Jeffrey, Maine

Three years after my accident, I had yet another surgery to remove screws, and it finally took my pain away! I can now ride my bike and sprint! I can do my job without discomfort! Thank you Samaritan members for sharing all the costs.

—Allan & Amber, Texas

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