Member letters: a new testimony, blessings, gratitude

Samaritan members  ·  Feb 27, 2018

God has given us a new testimony to share, and we have done just that. We share our dismay with insurance and our health care system, but we don’t stop with complaints. We share with our friends, relatives, health care providers, billing department reps, and fellow church members about a better way to approach health care and how we spend our hard earned dollars.

Not one person we talked to is comfortable with their current experience with insurance, but the thought of having to walk into a medical facility and tell someone that you will be paying cash is daunting for most. We were no different—at first. We have recently learned that in the Bible God tells us 366 times to “fear not.”

God owns it all, and He provides for his people. Samaritan is Christian living, faith, and stewardship in action, and it is a beautiful thing.

Mary, Michigan
Our conscience did not allow us to participate in government mandated health care plans. We were very thankful for friends who told us about Samaritan Ministries. It has been a blessing to write checks to actual people in need and encourage them in the Lord.

We did not expect to have a need ourselves, but now we are seeing the shares come in to pay the doctor and hospital bills along with the blessings of notes from people all over the United States praying for us. Thank you for creating this ministry.

David and Joy, Washington
I am continually blown away by the generosity and kindness of God’s people! I work in medical billing, so I am accustomed to seeing providers and patients fight the frustration of working with insurance companies. It was this painful dynamic that pushed me to give Samaritan a go.

I had my first Need recently, and all the bills have been fully shared. I feel so blessed to be a part of what God is doing through Samaritan. The letters I am getting, the prayers being prayed over me, and the financial need being met by others is truly overwhelming.

Tiffany, Texas
We have been members for two years now and just experienced our first need. We praise God for His Body that came around us in prayer and shares to lift us up. My wife is totally healed of her meningitis—Praise God! Also, we received a 70 percent discount on the ER bill. The prayers and encouragement of other members—brothers and sisters in Christ—remind us it is so true that Samaritan Ministries is not only a ministry, it’s a family.

Glenn and Susan, Pennsylvania
As scary as my ER visit was, equally daunting were the bills that followed. We used Healthcare Bluebook, which was very helpful. When we called, every provider that had not given a discount was immediately willing to give some discount.

I was moved so much when the notes and cards started pouring in. I was so thankful to the Lord for it all.

Maria, Northa Carolina