Member letter: 'We could no longer afford insurance'

Philip and Amanda  ·  Sep 28, 2017

My husband and I are self-employed with a growing family. We struggled for years to afford health insurance premiums, and then the ever rising deductibles became impossible. Finally our insurance company informed us that our plan would be canceled. The replacement offered would not even be accepted by most providers in our area!

We prayed for an answer to our problem and joined Samaritan. What a blessing!

Our Needs have been met both financially AND spiritually. We no longer feel the panic of how we would pay for a large medical Need. We now feel peace where there was so much stress.

I have shared my experience with so many people, and a couple of my siblings have joined. The cards and prayers are so wonderful. It’s amazing to know people across the country are praying for you.
Philip and Amanda