Member letter: First a trial, then joy!

By Mike Miller

Nov 21

Truly the words of our Lord are true—When we walk through the waters, fire, and floods, He will be there! Looking back on my illness, I can see God’s hand on my life from the beginning to the end. My regular doctor was off the day I had to see a doctor. I was very ill. “It just so happened” some would say (but not me) that a doctor new to the clinic saw me. She had seen sarcoidosis before and was pretty sure that was my problem. Sarcoidosis can be difficult to diagnose and requires blood work and retrieval of lymph nodes to verify. My family, church family, and Samaritan partners all encouraged me with prayers and cards. I can say God healed me. I did not have to go on steroids or chemo. “It went away on its own,” the doctor said, but I know the Great Physician had His hand on my life, body, spirit, and soul. God’s Word was daily my comfort. His peace and comfort were so very real. You can have a song in your heart in the night.

Thank you Samaritan partners for joining with my family and me during a very difficult time. One Samaritan partner gave me a verse, Psalm 40:3, and a note after it that said, “When God is birthing a new song in us, it can be a difficult season.” But oh! What a joy afterwards.

With Christ’s love and appreciation,
Nancy, Montana