Member letter: Finding fair-price providers for ACL surgery

Samaritan members  ·  Nov 22, 2019

When Larry tore his ACL, our family doctor recommended a doctor in Topeka, Kansas, for the surgery, but we decided to do some checking on Healthcare Bluebook. We found out there was a fair-price provider in St. Joseph, Missouri, which is the same distance from where we live. After a bit of trial and error, we learned that our calls to ask about pricing always had to be transferred so we could talk to the right department, and that’s how we got the details on steep discounts for paying cash.

We also learned that the same surgery could be done in either the hospital or an outpatient surgery center, and the difference was $20,000! At every turn we discovered that it pays to ask. For the office visits and MRIs, we got significant discounts for paying at time of service with a credit card. When it was all said and done, we paid about $9,000 for services that we were originally told would be $44,000!

We are so thankful God has provided a way for His children to bear one another’s burdens through Samaritan. It is a blessing to be able to give each month, knowing it is going to a true need, not a big corporation with unbiblical principles. It is also humbling to be on the receiving end, knowing others help to share our overwhelming medical costs. We tried to remember that we are stewards of God’s money as well as our brethren’s. We wanted to get the lowest price possible so we did not cause other unnecessary expense.

Thank you for all the helpful tools in the Health Resources app. Because of Healthcare Bluebook we were able to dramatically reduce the costs of the ACL surgery, just by going to a different location an equal distance from our home.

May God bless this work as it honors Him.

— Larry & Jill, Kansas