Member Feature: Dexter & Kandis

By by Samaritan staff  ·  Nov 17, 2023

It was a Monday morning, the day of Kandis’ mammogram. She sat in the waiting room; the preliminary results came in—almost certainly cancer. As a Samaritan member and cash-pay patient, she quickly moved through the diagnostic stage. Kandis said it felt like a heavy burden was lifted from her because she knew the answers would come all that much sooner.

The call came the day before Thanksgiving. There was cancer in her body. Kandis and Dex went into fight mode. They started with prayer, and the next chapter of their life began to unfold.

Kandis took three months to find a care team she felt comfortable with, and she’s grateful that as a Samaritan member she was able to make treatment choices to benefit her body, her health, and her family.

Treatments were hard, and some days walking from the couch to the kitchen was a marathon. “It was really just survival,” she said, “and I know the prayers of other people are what carried me through all of that. I would get text messages or notes with our Shares, of people saying we’re praying for your healing. Those are things that helped me get through the treatment, just knowing other people were praying for me.”

Dex says that Samaritan Ministries epitomizes the Acts church, particularly Acts 2:45 as believers sold their possessions and their property to meet the needs of others. He said, “This is what the Body of Christ is supposed to do, and they do it every day with Samaritan Ministries.”

There’s no longer any evidence of cancer in Kandis’ body. She said, “I’m just so grateful for Samaritan giving me the options and so grateful to God for keeping his word.” The Lord is good! Isn’t it amazing how we as fellow Samaritan members get to be a part of Kandis’ story? That’s something we can all say yes to!

Dex and Kandis heard about Samaritan through a good friend, and they knew that if this friend could be all in, they could be all in as well. They received the blessings of being part of this community because someone like you told them about Samaritan Ministries. Wouldn’t it be great if your friends could experience these blessings too? They can. If you tell them. Share this story. Share your story. Share Samaritan with someone today!

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