Member Assistance Fund: A small donation can make a big impact

Samaritan members  ·  Feb 27, 2018

Currently we are meeting about 20 percent of needs that don’t qualify to be shared, such as pre-existing conditions, long-term prescriptions, or major dental work. It would take more than a million dollars each month to meet all these needs, but don’t let that number discourage you. If each household gave just $20, we could meet them all!

You can donate via Secure-Q.


Here are a few samples of letters from members expressing thanks for the assistance they received.

We are so grateful for the members who gave to the Member Assistance Fund. Any little amount helps to offset our financial burden. Praise the Lord for this sharing ministry.

Jared and Kelley, Missouri
God has truly blessed us through this ministry. If it wasn’t for the assistance we received, we would have been paying off bills for 2 years! We are so grateful.

Ron and Shelly, Minnesota
Although our expenses were much higher than the total we received, the generosity of members was very encouraging, and has encouraged us to commit to giving extra every month. Please continue to ask members to give that $20-$25 every month! Also, we are reminded how grateful we are that we are no longer sending more than $1,000 per month to an insurance company. 

Bill and Allison, Georgia
We were extremely blessed by the gifts but also by the encouraging notes and letters! Even though we did not receive enough to pay all our bills, it was a huge help, and God has provided a way for us to pay to them in full. I’m greatly encouraged by this ministry and thankful for the Body of Christ.

Amanda, Montana
Not one of the people who gave to me had to do that. It was all voluntary! I am so blessed by the generosity of others. What a beautiful example of the Body of Christ working together.

Rachel, Indiana
Submitting a member assistance request for my pre-existing need was humbling. How could I possibly ask other people to shoulder the financial burden of my allergy immunology treatments? I should be able to pay for this myself!

But circumstances were otherwise. The year was tough with a change in my employment, and the month was particularly tough with a host of unexpected expenses.

I don’t know if my need will be fully met, but I do know this taught me a lot about prayer, trust, and humility. I’ve contributed to member assistance a few times but not every month. I now try my best to send something every month. I want to learn to be generous if I’m going to depend on the generosity of others.

The help I have received so far has sparked a sincere desire to pray fervently for the needs of others, and for all the members.

Jennifer, Minnesota
Before joining Samaritan we payed $20,000 a year for insurance premiums and a $10,000 deductible. By the time we paid for vision, dental, and hearing aids it was $35,000! I figure that switching to Samaritan gave our family a $25,000 pay raise.

My son has asthma and allergies which are pre-existing for Samaritan, so I was scared to drop our insurace. But we received notice that our premiums were going up to nearly $2,000 per month and being self-employed, couldn’t take the hit. After much prayer we switched to Samaritan and I’m so glad we did.

This year we paid around $8,000-$10,000 for shares, the asthma/allergy treatments, plus miscellaneous bills—and that even includes what we set aside to give to the Member Assistance Fund. We love to share our savings with brothers and sisters in Christ.

Financial reasons brought us to Samaritan, but the spiritual connections have become the biggest reward. It feels so good to experience the love and kindness of the Body of Christ. I can hardly wait each month. Who can I help today! God has provided!

Kimberly, Minnesota.
It really is true! The notes of encouragement are a huge blessing. Dental work had to be done, and any amount we received was a reminder that I have a rich Father! I will always look to Him to provide, however He directs.

Candy, Indiana