'Medibid, Surgery Center of Oklahoma saved me $25,000 on hip surgery'

Samaritan member  ·  Oct 30, 2017

After having pain in my hip for a year, I finally got a correct diagnosis that my labrum was torn. Surgeons in my area were not able to handle this, so I was sent to Dallas where I was told I needed to pay $35,000 up front for the surgery!

Thankfully I found the Medibid service offered through Samaritan Dash, and I learned that I could have the surgery done by an experienced specialist at the Surgery Center of Oklahoma for $9,475, all inclusive. Dallas is an hour-and-a-half drive for me, and Oklahoma City is two hours in the opposite direction. I guess you could say an extra half hour of drive time saved me $25,000!

The experience was exceptional, and I would recommend Surgery Center of Oklahoma to anyone. The hotel across the road even offers an awesome discount to their patients. Thank you Samaritan for looking out for us and praying for us in this adventure called life! Blessings to your staff.

Doris, Texas