Look at the type of connections you can make on Member Connect

Samaritan staff  ·  Jan 30, 2018

The Member Connect app on the Dashboard gives us a great way to participate in Biblical community. You can log in at Dash.SamaritanMinistries.org to join in praying for one another, exchanging tips about health issues, or sharing advice on dealing with health care providers. 

Here are few examples of the connections being made.

Praying for one another about biopsy results

Desiree: I had a biopsy to determine if I had oral cancer, and praise God the biopsy results were “negative” for cancer. We really appreciate the support of this community.

Melody: Praising God with you! I have a biopsy soon to check a lump in my chest. Praying for that too.

Carey: I’m joining you Desiree and Melody in this praise and prayer! So glad to have this community. Add me to the biopsy list. I am still searching for a provider currently.

Finding a Direct Primary Care provider near you

James: I just took a call to a new church. Our family would like to participate in membership based care, sometimes called “Direct Primary Care.” Are there good ways of searching to which someone can point me? Thanks!

Rose: As Samaritan Board member Ron Drummond mentioned, a good resource for locating Direct Primary Care doctors is dpcfrontier.com.

I’ve had a DPC doctor for almost a year now and wouldn’t have it any other way. He worked with me for several months to fix several health issues using primarily diet. He got me incredibly low cash prices on my lab work. I can email or text him for “minor” issues. His office called to check on me after a particular incident. I could go on and on.

Mourning the loss of a wife and mother in our young family

Tyler: My wife and the mother of our three little girls went to Heaven after battling cancer. She was an amazing 31-year-old mother who adored Christ and her family.

Our three daughters (9, 7, & 5) keep asking questions about why Jesus took mommy away instead of healing her. Is Jesus angry with us? Why is she in Heaven instead of here? How do we go on without her?

Please pray that Jesus will give me  answers to their questions. Also pray that He will bring someone amazing into our lives to fill this huge void in our lives.

Steven: My mother died when I was 4, leaving behind four children. We got through it somehow. I can’t imagine how hard it must be as the spouse. Lean on Him. Take it one day at a time.

Joni: I pray our loving, gracious Heavenly Father will give you the peace and wisdom to give your girls the perfect answer and comfort beyond understanding.

Ashley: Praying that you and your girls will sense His presence in a very real way and trusting God to comfort you and give wisdom in the days ahead.

Need healing for eye problems

Dan: I had eye surgery and things were progressing well. Then things changed for the worse. It ended up being another tear and another surgery. Not sure of long-term prognosis. Need healing.

Craig: Praying that the God Who designed and made your eye will heal it, and that you will have peace under His care. Phil 4:5b-7 and Isaiah 41:10.

Please pray for a healthy pregnancy

Jeannie: We are expecting our 5th child in July. We have had miscarriages in the past, so I’m praying my stress levels as a homeschooling mom will stay low. Thank you so much!

Manette: Father God, I thank You for the blessing You have created in Jeannie’s womb. Lord You are wonderful and the giver of life. Lord, guide Jeannie into Your perfect peace that passes all understanding. Protect her from the enemy who whispers anxious thoughts. Give Jeannie strength to cast her cares and anxieties on You. I pray You give Jeannie stamina and daily renew her strength for the tasks at hand. I pray You give the other children an extra measure of helpfulness and sensitivity towards their mother. I ask, in the strong name of Jesus, that You give this baby health and vitality for the duration of the pregnancy. May this child grow into the fullness of Your plans and be a beacon of light to all who come into contact with him/her. Lord God, thank You again for Your amazing creation. Amen.

Cash-pay discounts from hospitals?

John: My wife and I have been with Samaritan for two years, and I have found that most providers are very open and willing to give cash-pay discounts, sometimes quite steep. I have had very little difficulty getting reductions. I’m curious about others’ experience.

Edward: In Washington we have watched things become very strict at our hospital. It is sad to see the change in attitude. I find it so frustrating because I know from working in the medical field that they give huge discounts to insurance companies.

Kari: I hope this doesn’t sound insensitive, but can you just find another hospital? Hardly anyone around where we live goes to the hospital that’s within 10 minutes. It has such a bad reputation. My husband traveled about an hour to go to a better ER. They also offered a 90 percent discount off the bill. I guess it’s like stores. We go to the ones where the merchandise we want is on sale, or pay for convenience. (I even know many people who’s obstetrician is 45 minutes away. No babies born in the car, yet. Ha ha!)

Phil: I’m sorry to hear that some are not providing discounts. Can you just tell the hospital: “If you will not give a discount, then we will find another health care provider who will?”

Even if they continue to say they won’t give a discount I would encourage you to be patient and persistent. I think eventually the dam is going to break when enough people pay cash and ask for discounts. Prices will be forced down as hospitals have to compete with each other.

Heather: I’ve found it depends on the hospital and doctor. The children’s hospital in our city tends to not offer discounts, but I had a major need recently at a specialty hospital. When I asked for estimates they were very proactive in providing information. My bills were discounted 63 percent!